Providing expert advice for Attorneys

Attorneys are held to a high standard of conduct. receive practical and sensitive advice tailored to you, helping you to avoid any disputes and investigation by the court of protection.

Acting as attorney can be demanding and stressful

Acting as an attorney for a friend, relative, or client is a complex and demanding task. Attorneys are held to a high standard of conduct and, without proper advice, making the correct decisions can be very difficult. The smallest mistake can have lasting legal and welfare consequences, meaning it is best to seek professional advice for attorneys from lasting power of attorney specialists they can trust

Role and responsibilities of an attorney

The specific powers of the attorney are usually set out in the power of attorney appointment form. The attorney will have the responsibility for Property and Financial Affairs or Health and Welfare.

Examples of financial or property responsibilities of an attorney can include:

  • paying bills on behalf of the individual
  • ensuring correct insurance is kept up to date
  • paying the mortgage
  • selling your home
  • arranging repairs to the property
  • looking after money coming in including pensions
  • maintaining the property on behalf of the individual
  • potential sale of property the individual may own
  • maintenance of banking functions

Examples of health or welfare responsibilities of an attorney can include:

  • deciding where the individual lives
  • medical care and consenting to medical treatment
  • daily routine tasks such as diet and dressing
  • deciding who the individual should have contact with
  • the activities the individual does

Tailored advice

We have extensive experience in advising attorneys on their powers and duties. You may be concerned about financial decisions or medical treatments, or you may have faced opposition or hostility from co-attorneys or family members. We provide tailored advice that is both practical and sensitive to help you to avoid investigation by the Court of Protection or any disputes.

Providing expert advice and professional support

This advice is important for all attorneys whether or not they are working in a professional capacity. In almost all cases, the cost of the advice should be paid for from the donor’s estate. Look after your interests efficiently and with confidence using the support of our experienced specialists.

Our powers of attorney solicitors have frequently advised clients throughout London, Oxfordshire, Cheltenham and neighbouring counties.

If you would like more information on acting as an attorney, call one of our powers of attorney Solicitors on 01865 987781, who will be able to offer you tailored advice on how to proceed.


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