Protect your wealth with Family Trusts

Look after your assets and your family and pass wealth on in a tax-efficient manner with a family trust.

Trusts law explained

Family trusts can be used to protect assets for any number of reasons or to pass wealth on in a tax efficient manner. In the case of your family, trusts can be used to preserve your wealth for your family and secure your family’s long term future.

Trusts law is a complex and specialist area and trustees’ decisions can have far reaching tax and legal consequences, so it is important that you understand the implications of setting up a trust and how it will work.

Family Trust Advice

We can advise on establishing new trusts, administering ongoing trusts, and winding up trusts which are no longer needed. We also advise trustees, including those acting in a professional capacity, on their responsibilities and decision-making. Our Solicitors will explain everything in a clear and considered way, so you know exactly what our advice means and how it will affect you and your trust.


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