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Tax Planning


Sensible tax planning for a secure future

Tax is complex. With their in-depth knowledge, our specialists provide bespoke advice and make sure you always get the most from your capital gains tax, income tax and inheritance tax planning.  

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax is a tax on the estate left when someone dies. There is normally no tax to pay if someone's estate falls below the £325,000 threshold or they leave their estate to a spouse, civil partner or charity.
Inheritance tax often runs alongside capital gains tax if the gifting involves assets on which a gain will arise.  

Separately, we can advise on all aspects of inheritance tax planning during lifetime or on death, in particular making best use of exemptions and reliefs.
We can help you decide whether a trust is an effective planning vehicle, and set out the benefits and consequences of using a trust both in lifetime and on death.

Inheritance Tax planning and your family business

If you own a family business, now is a good time to take stock of your planning, as current tax rules offer some highly favourable tax saving options and there is no guarantee these rules will stay in place indefinitely. Whilst the potential for saving tax is desirable, it is important to do what is right for you, and we are here to discuss all the options.

Capital Gains Tax

When it comes to capital gains tax, we can advise in relation to all aspects impacting individuals, trustees and executors. We can also support you on planning in advance of a sale or gift of a chargeable asset, and the timing of such transactions. Additionally, our expertise extends to private residence relief, reinvestment relief, business asset relief and entrepreneurs' relief, as well as how best to utilise capital losses against income and other gains.

If you are looking at succession and exit, we can provide expert guidance and help with strategy.

We can also support with reporting gains on residential property and gains for non residents, to ensure compliance with the latest changes.

Income Tax

We advise on income tax issues such as remuneration planning, utilising income tax losses, gifting to charity and relief for interest paid. If required, we can also review levels of taxable income with a view to equalising income for tax purposes between spouses and civil partners.

Additionally, we can advise on the tax aspects of making investments under Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS), Venture Capital Trusts (VCT) and SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme).

Minimising Capital Gains, Income & Inheritance Tax

There is no bad time to consider capital gains tax and inheritance tax planning. However, it is particularly important to take advice when someone is thinking about buying a new house or selling a business, when reaching retirement, or when receiving an inheritance.

How we can help with your tax planning

We consider the best ways to minimise your inheritance and income tax and capital gains tax obligations and make use of all available reliefs and exemptions. The advice you receive will take into consideration your personal circumstances, from the nature of your estate to the age and circumstances of your intended beneficiaries.  
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Here to guide you through effective tax planning

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The Tax Planning Process

From beginning to end, our specialist advisers will guide you along the planning process so that you benefit from our expertise and knowledge throughout your lifetime.
By assisting with your capital gains, income and inheritance tax planning, we provide reassurance that as much of your estate as possible will reach your beneficiaries by reducing the impact of these taxes. It can be easy to think of tax advice as being academic and impersonal, but we move beyond this, offering advice which is very much tailored to your own particular circumstances and your wishes.

When we recommend a particular action or structure for your capital gains and inheritance tax planning, it is because we believe that it works for you and your personal circumstances, not just from a legal or tax angle, but because it is practical, proportionate and sensible.
We also provide assistance with personal tax compliance.
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