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The Burnside Partnership visits the European Parliament

The Burnside Partnership visits the European Parliament


Amelia  heard about the opportunity to travel to the European Parliament in Brussels through her Apprenticeship Ambassador organiser. The trip was subsidised by Judith Buting, Oxfordshire’s MEP and The Burnside Partnership.

When applying, Amelia says she was asked about her experiences of her Paralegal Apprenticeship with The Burnside Partnership. Amelia explained that in addition, " I have long been interested in politics and considered it as a career path. When bearing in mind the current negotiations occurring between the UK and the EU and the importance of retaining a relationship with the EU after Brexit, I realised this opportunity to see inside the European Parliament was an unmissable experience."

Amelia went on to say that "the trip was incredible overall. The opportunity to see inside the institutions and buildings so often in the news was remarkable. A talk explaining how the different countries form groups and alliances in order to vote and sit within the voting chamber was fascinating. The thought of so many countries all debating and conversing in so many different languages, yet working together through compromise and negotiation was awe-inspiring. I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity."

Richard Burnside of The Burnside Partnership added, "We are delighted to support our young people in developing their broader knowledge and this trip presented the perfect opportunity for this."