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When you have lost someone close, you need experts you can trust to help you take care of the details

Good estate administration makes a difficult situation a little easier, saving time and money

Estate administration or probate is the process of managing the assets of a deceased's estate and distributing them to beneficiaries, in line with the Will.

Many people will be called upon at some point to administer the estate of a relative or friend.

Taking on the role of executor can be daunting. When a loved one dies, someone needs to register their death, notify relevant organisations, ensure outstanding bills are settled and inheritance tax paid and distribute what is left in accordance with the terms of the deceased's Will.

Efficiency and technical knowledge are the keys to the good administration of an estate. Our specialists are here to help and can promise both. With good estate administration, inheritances are paid out in a timely manner and the tax burden minimised. If not done well, administration takes several years, with penalties and interest incurred, and tax planning opportunities missed.

We can help and support you to administer an estate

How we support clients through probate. Our case studies

Supporting you for a tax efficient, well-run probate process

Our team of specialist Solicitors are experienced in all aspects of the estate administration process.
Many of our clients have holiday properties abroad or other overseas assets, which can cause considerable difficulty for their loved ones after death. We are very familiar with these issues and can liaise with excellent lawyers in other jurisdictions so that assets are passed on in as tax-efficient a way as possible without any unnecessary delays.

In all cases, we will agree on a timescale with you in advance and provide weekly updates by email. We expect to have the Grant of Probate – the administration document – within six months of instruction, but we will usually be able to work within a significantly faster timescale.

Showed particular care and sensitivity during a very difficult time.

Chambers, High Net Worth 2017

Avoiding estate disputes through our diplomatic approach

For families who have experienced disputes and estrangement, or for step-families, bereavement can be a particularly challenging time. We work with many families in these circumstances and find that as a diplomatic and independent third party we can often prevent tensions escalating into disputes. Disputes can be expensive and distressing during the estate administration process.
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