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The Importance of Sorting Your Will in the Times of Coronavirus

The Importance of Sorting Your Will in the Times of Coronavirus

According to the Law Society, the number of people looking to write new Wills in the UK has risen by at least 30 per cent following the outbreak of Coronavirus. Nevertheless, the process of creating and amending Wills relies heavily on face-to-face interaction, which makes the government measures to stay at home and self-isolate more challenging.

It is vital that, during this period, you do not delay getting your affairs in order. Being in lockdown is an unusual situation to adapt to, however it has also created an opportunity for people to get overdue tasks completed, including writing or revising your Will.

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Wills and the effect of Coronavirus

Having a valid Will in place is always recommended to safeguard your assets and ensure your loved ones will be looked after should something happen to you. It is important to note that finalising your Will is still achievable without infringing the social distancing rules, albeit more consideration has to be given to the process than normal.   

For a Will to be valid in England, it must be:

·      Made voluntarily, without pressure from another person, and by someone of sound mind

·      Made in writing

·      Made by someone aged 18 or older

·      Signed in the presence of two witnesses over the age of 18

·      Have it signed by the two witnesses, in your presence

 You can read more about the requirements for writing a Will in England by clicking here

The future of video witnessing

As of 28 April 2020, there has been no changes to Will legislation that reflects the current restrictions. Numerous ideas have been proposed thus far, including:

·      Witnesses watching you sign the Will through a video link.

·      Witnesses being physically present but remaining two metres away from the testator at the time of signing.

·      The use of privileged Wills, similar to those offered in the military service, so a witness does not need to be present.

The Law Society has suggested video conferencing for the signing and witnessing of Wills, alongside detailed notes on the instruction and how it was executed. Where possible, the re-signing of Wills under standard procedures is also recommended following the lift of the current measures.

Conversations between the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and the Law Society about how best to proceed in terms of executing Wills are still ongoing, however, suggested options to adopt in the interim include:

·      A system that provides judges with more flexibility when determining what constitutes a valid Will; and

·      An approach where testators could write Wills by hand without witnesses.

While the lack of official guidance can feel stressful, there is valid reason behind the thorough review of legislation before anything is legally adapted. If a Will is not properly executed, there is a higher chance of it being challenged in the future.

The priority at this time is to ensure that any documentation stating your wishes on your death is legally binding. To ensure your Will is not questioned for its authenticity, get in touch with our team today

For more information on witnessing Wills during the Coronavirus crisis, click here

Can I make my own Will in England?

DIY Wills are now, more than ever, likely to be created due to the restrictions of leaving your own home. These types of Wills should be considered with extreme caution, as they can be tricky in terms of abiding with legal requirements and could result in the Will being made void if not carried out correctly.

That is why we remain fully available to assist you with your Will through video conferencing calls, helping you to ensure your Will is legally valid and will carry out your wishes on your death.

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Although this is a difficult time for everyone, the Coronavirus pandemic has shone a spotlight on why we need to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. That is why at The Burnside Partnership, we will provide continued support to help you with your legal issues throughout the lockdown measures. Do not hesitate to speak with our Wills team today at our Oxford office on 01865 987781 or our Marlow office on 01628 301221 or by completing the online contact form and we will help.

This guide does not constitute legal advice and is provided for general information purposes only. If you require specific legal advice you should contact one of our lawyers who can advise you based on your own circumstances.

Please note this information is accurate as of 1 June 2020 and is subject to change as official guidance is adapted to reflect the implications of the virus.